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As a VIP in the Texas Air Doctors Mustang Club, you have the security of knowing that every facet of your HVAC Investment is being carefully monitored, analyzed, maintained and documented, to keep it running efficiently and economically all season long.

Texas Air Doctors Lic:#TACLA20089E
Prevent un-necessary breakdowns and keep your HVAC running smoothly all year long. Join today, and start enjoying peace of mind!

Q. Why Become a VIP in the Texas Air Doctors Mustang Club?

A. To Avoid Frustration, Stress & Inconvenience.

We all know the unpleasant feeling when our air conditioner or heater stops working:
> Frustration - wondering what's wrong, "It was working a minute ago!"
        > Stress - "When can I get someone out here to fix it and how much is it going to cost?"
        > Inconvenience - "It's hot and I'm sweaty - how am I ever going to get any sleep?"

The Mustang Club VIP is a Preventive Maintenance Plan. Its intention is to measure operational specifications against the manufacture's specifications and make you aware of potential problems.
You get the option of selecting what to do and when to do it.  

Preventive Maintenance is Critical on All Mechanical Equipment

> All Manufacturers require regular maintenance. They may void warranties if the equipment hasn't been maintained.
        > Many utility companies recommend annual maintenance and compensate home owners who do it.
        > University studies have proven that regular maintenance reduces cost of operation and extends the life of the equipment.

Your Benefits as a Mustang Club VIP:

       > Free Deep Cleaning of the Outdoor Coil with a special cleaner
       > Free Unlimited Diagnostic Service Calls
       > Free Tune-ups, One for cooling and one for heating each year
       > Free Gas Fireplace Tune-ups included during the Heating Tune Up
       > Free Priority Service - You move to the front of the line
       > No Overtime Charges - EVER!
       > Discounts - Saves money on service, installations and accessories.

Local - Family Owned - Family Operated

Local People Helping Local People. That's our mantra.
Texas Air Doctors has owned and operated by the Gossett Family for over 20-years. Both the owners and 
employees live in your area. You'll see us in the local market. Our kids go to school together. We're proud of that closeness.

You Have Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!